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"Motus" Mobility and Tourism in Urban Scenarios

MOTUS is a platform of services able to gather, aggregate and interpret in real time urban mobility data from different infrastructures scattered across urban areas and in historic cities. The main objective of the project is to improve the management, sustainability and environmental compatibility of urban mobility. Co-funded by Ministry of Economic Development in the framework of Industria 2015 Programme, MOTUS gives solutions to citizens and tourists needs in cities of artistic interest and tourist sites or in urban scenarios.

MOTUS is able to elaborate mobility data to develop traffic models. These models is used for monitoring and planning activities aimed to improve the use of infrastructure and the provision of existing services in the urban areas. The project stresses the role of citizens as the main users and architects of innovative services of mobility.

The services of the project are built around the citizen who is no longer the passive actor to whom impose norms, but becomes a crucial element in the management process of urban mobility. By providing information on urban mobility, citizens are able to plan in real time their journey. Tourists are also engaged in the process by both providing information and using the content and value added data. By transmitting information by smartphones, tablets and desktops, MOTUS becomes a virtuous circle that actively engages the various actors involved in a system of mutual cooperation.

The system developed consists of different modules customised to the urban needs:
MOTUS BLU - Subsystem for the Mobility Management
MOTUS LILLA - Subsystem for the Info-mobility Services on the Mobile Network
MOTUS GIALLO - Subsystem for the Services to the Tourists
MOTUS ARANCIONE - Subsystem for the Services to the Citizens
MOTUS ROSSO - Subsystem to Overcome Eventual Malfunctions of the Local Transport Network
MOTUS VERDE - Subsystem for the Eco-mobility Services

The MOTUS consortium has been coordinated by Telecom Italia with the contribution of Universities, Research Centers and Industries. The project partners are: Telecom Italia, CBT - Cosmic Blue Team S.p.A., Create - Net, Cooperativa EDP La Traccia, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Habitech - Distretto Tecnologico Trentino, ISTI -CNR, ITS LAB S.p.A., Krupter S.r.l., Lanza & Thompson S.r.l., Liberologico S.p.A., Magneti Marelli S.p.A., Mediatica S.p.A., Nexse S.r.l., Poliedra, Politecnico di Milano, RadioLabs - Consorzio Università Industria, SAI S.r.l. - Servizi Avanzati per le Imprese, Segesta S.r.l., Università Ca' Foscari, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Università di Pisa and Università di Trento.

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